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This is a very simple example, creating a single button that triggers the say command.


$ Suitcase --name="Say Example" \
  --control-title="Speak" \
    --control-type="button" \
    --control-action="/usr/bin/say Hello World!"


--name="Say Example"

Sets the name of the running Suitcase, this is also used for the main window title if --window-title is not set.


Begin a Suitcase Control. Controls can be started by any of these arguments, --control-title, --control-type and --control-action. By convention --control-title is used to denote a new control has begun.


Set the type of control. In this example we are creating a button. Valid control types include, button, label, text, or text-field.

--control-action="/usr/bin/say Hello World!"

Define the Control Action attached to the button. This action calls the say command and uses an inline parameter of Hello World!. Note command locations need to be referenced absolutely. Suitcase does not search the PATH environment variable.

🧳 Download Suitcase