This week was release week, alpha 4 included, Token Replacement in Parameter Arguments, --compatibleVersion Argument and Interpreter Mode 🥳.

From the release notes,

Suitcase can now be called from a script in a similar way to bash or python. Just start you script with this hash-bang,

#! /usr/local/bin/Suitcase interpreter

All arguments need to be on a single line and it supports comments using #.

Here is the YouTube-DL Example using interpreter mode,

#! /usr/local/bin/Suitcase interpreter

# Drag and drop URLs to the floating window
# and download the embedded video stream using
# `youtube-dl`. 

# Application 
--name="Download YouTube" 
--window-floating # The window will be infront of all others

# Dropped URL Control
--control-title="## Drop Your URLs Here! ##" 

# Download Button & Action

Suitcase was also featured in a thread of retweets by Steve Troughton-Smith. The entire thread is a fantastic read with some amazing projects.